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Long hair & Skin Fade specialist

After visiting a number of renowned hairstylists, Zaaf became inspired to create a studio in which he would combine the best elements each experience offered. Hence, the creation of Studio Z which was established in 1997. To receive a haircut from Zaaf is to experience a sophisticated professional at his best.



The name says it all, a true craftsman who isn't satisfied until it's perfect. Self-taught yet approved by all who witness him at work. Professionals and customers alike, everyone is left in awe after once they have seen the proof. If you're really passionate about every aspect of your hairstyle and facial care in general, you absolutely need to ask for Maestro.



Fade specialist

If you're obsessed with the ratio in which your hair fades from dark to light from top to bottom, Chico is definitely your guy. Specialized in modern hairstyles and an expert marksman when it comes to blade shaves and clean looks. If you want to leave the shop looking fresh and clean, don't forget to ask for Chico.  

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