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Skin whitening cream

Natural ingredients

Suitable for all skin types

Dermatologically tested

100 ML

Skin whitening cream

  • Dr. EA Whiteglam Whitening Cream is a powerful and soft skin lightening cream. Formulated with natural ingredients. Produced in EA Laboratories, Dr. Whiteglam Whitening Cream removes darkened pigments from the skin with its special ingredients. Then you get a natural skin tone. Regular use is important to get precise results. Hormonal changes, bacteria, pregnancy, lactation process, such as the removal of spots on the nipple. Produced by EA experts, the WhiteGlam range is designed to repair these stains. After regular use, your skin will look flawless and natural.


    Removes darkened pigments from the skin
    Smoothes skin tone and removes dark spots. Works immediately after use!
    Reduces age spots
    For maintaining a natural skin tone
    This whitening cream & skin whitening cream has been dermatologically tested

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