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Giardino Fiorito | Secret Bomb

Cologne perfume | 80 degrees

Eau De Cologne

Transparent | Bottle

250 ML

Parfum Cologne - Secret Bomb

SKU: 126351351935
  • Secret Bomb captures your heart with a sharp opening and lets you feel the elegance of bergamot capturing unique harmony with every note. Green apples and fresh berries accompany Bergamo with its refreshing yet deep effect. Secret Bomb opens the doors of elegance. The fruity flavors are replaced by a much more refined scent. Jasmine, magnolia and lily, mesmerizing by their beauty, become the hero of the story by sliding around in the oriental-inspired bergamot. Complementing the tartness of bergamot with dignity, the heart of the fragrance appeals to the senses. These refreshing floral notes end with forest notes and sweet musk that are both expressive and unforgettable. The notes of moss and musk that make you stand out in any environment you enter create a sweet and romantic effect. The velvety scent of seaweed and musk, enriched with sugary aromas, exudes a warm charm.


    Eau de Cologne with perfume for men and women
    Soft scent of seaweed and musk
    With jasmine, magnolia and lily
    Refreshing forest notes and sweet musk
    Oriental bergamot feeling

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