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Giardino Fiorito | Deite

Cologne perfume | 80 degrees

Eau De Cologne



250 ML

Parfum Cologne - Deite

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Characteristic Deite with floral and oriental breezes helps you to unleash your striking personality in yourself. Top notes starting with the unique combination of bergamot and juicy pears create a unique harmony. The rose petals that accompany this extraordinary combination enhance the radiance. The floral notes that leave you feeling refreshed and refreshed are the heart of Deite. Lotus flower, jasmine and peony; open the doors for a sweet spring evening. These floral notes flow around the attractive bergamot and give an uplifting effect. Deeply hidden rose petals blend with sensual musk, creating a much more feminine and seductive effect that emerges over time. Warm and sweet vanilla and sandalwood accompany this wonderful combination. The floral scent that surrounds the sharpness of bergamot and the soft and creamy notes have a refreshing and seductive effect at the same time.

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