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| Lucaderma TS

Especially for Babies

Moisturizing and Repairing Cream

All Skin Types

Natural Ingredients

Dermatologically Tested



75 g

Moisturizing and Repairing Cream For Babies

  • Moisturizes, moisturizes, repairs and protects the skin.

    Suitable for babies and for everyday use.

    Ingredients: shea butter, grape seed oil, allantoin, vitamins E and B5 that provides a soft and intensive hydration; helps to reduce irritation of the skin, restores the protective skin barrier; Keep skin hydrated and protected on flaking areas of the skin types.

    Dermatologically tested: non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and free from parabens.

    Product especially suitable for baby skin.

    Moisturises, repairs and protects your skin
    Nourishes your skin with fruit extracts and minerals. Does not contain harmful substances
    Specially produced for babies
    Soothes, cools, moisturizes and nourishes your skin
    Dermatologically and animal-friendly tested, it also has a GMP certificate Specially produced for babies

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