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Vitamin E Gel

Antioxidant Gel

Moisturizing and Hydrating

Suitable for Body and Face

Natural Ingredients



250 ML

Antioxidant Gel - Vitamin E

  • This luxurious vitamin E and antioxidant gel is a soothing, hydrating face-body gel to smooth the surface. Ideal for dry, irritated skin that needs extra care. Moisturizing cream provides hydration and restores your skin. A healthier and smoother looking complexion as a result. Rich in Vitamin E.
    Boost in vitamins and minerals. Recommended for impure skin type. Specially developed for use as a daily skin care product for the whole family. The skin care gel can be used under make-up for the face, on the entire body and it can even be used as an aftershave. A real must-have for every family's bathroom.

    Contains a high content of pure natural vitamin E, which creates a strong anti-oxidant effect that neutralizes the sun's rays, after prolonged exposure to the elements sun, wind and water. Ideal for surfers, sailors, beach guests, gardeners, sportsmen, etc.

    Vitamin E care for your skin and hair
    Has a revitalizing and moisturizing effect
    Nourishes your skin with fruit extracts and minerals. Does not contain harmful substances
    Provides a radiant and healthy skin with natural ingredients
    Soothes, cools, moisturizes and nourishes your skin
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