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Giardino Fiorito | Black Gold

Cologne perfume | 80 degrees

Eau De Cologne



250 ML

Cologne perfume |Black Gold - Unisex

SKU: 671253175371
  • Letting you feel the warmth and sweetness at the same time, Black Gold offers a totally different experience with its relaxing effect after a spicy, intense and mysterious opening. The aromatic and fruity scent of mandarin and berries mixed with spices provides a breathtaking start. Black orchid, fresh gardenia and exotic Ylang-Ylang in the heart of the fragrance create a harmony that appeals to the senses. These exotic and floral mids create a modern presentation with an intense and powerful effect. The assertive and daring starter, made with spices and oriental breezes, shows itself with a surprising ending thanks to vanilla and chocolate. The taste of melted chocolate and vanilla appeals to gourmets and has an addictive effect. Patchouli, which makes you feel the scent much more deeply, activates your senses. Mixed with hot spices, oriental scents and sweet vanilla, Black Gold creates a mysterious, feminine and fresh effect at the same time.


    Mandarin and berry scent with delicious spices.
    Mixed with vanilla, melted chocolate and Patchouli.
    With black orchid, gardenia and ylang ylang.
    Eau de Cologne with perfume for men and women.
    Smells delicious and hygienic.

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