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Giardino Fiorito | Eclatant

Cologne perfume | 80 degrees

Eau De Cologne



250 ML

Cologne perfume | Eclatant

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Starting with refreshing, energizing and revitalizing green leaves, Eclatant ends with oriental and woody breezes, and culminates with floral notes, allowing you to experience many emotions at the same time. Delicious fresh citrus flavors combined with green leaves and bergamot. This strong harmony gradually gives way to the real eye-catching effect. The lilac and peony scents that make you feel like you are walking through the flower garden. These floral notes, evoking freshness and naturalness, combine with the lower notes to create a much more feminine and powerful effect. Warm and attractive amber and intoxicating musk scents integrate with your skin and impress you for a long time. It is a great pleasure to feel the elegant flowers amid the bergamot and citrus leaves, which are influenced by the top notes, the woody cedar and the oriental scents. Eclatant creates a gentle breeze in the scents of flowers reminiscent of spring.

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