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Ceratop Body Care Cream

Hydrating and Nourishing

Anti aging Effect

All Skin Types

Dermatologically Tested



125 ML

Ceratop Body Care Cream

  • This Ceratop Body Care Creme has a unique formula that provides an intensive moisturizing effect, helps to restore the skin barrier. Natural hydration of the skin and a perfect anti-aging effect with ceramide 3, shea butter and special ingredients. Skin support with clarifying effect thanks to licorice extract, niacinamide and vitamin E.
    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
    Recommended and developed by dermatologists.

    Restorative for your skin
    moisturizing effect with unique formula
    Can be used for all skin types
    Tested by dermatologists
    Supports your skin thanks to its brightening effect

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