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Cleansing Gel against Acne and Oily Skin

Natural Ingredients

Dermatologically Tested

For Daily Use with Peat Zinc and Aloe Vera Extract

All Skin Types



150 M

Body Cleansing Gel

  • This Luxe Gel has a unique formula that helps to cleanse and deep cleanse your skin. Does not cause dry skin and removes excess oil. Prevents blackheads and acne. Intensive formula with bio active peat, zinc and Aloe vera extract. Product is suitable for all skin types. Especially recommended by dermatologists. Cleansing gel for acne, oily and sensitive skin. For daily use.

    Deep and intensive cleaning of sensitive and oily skin
    Provides a radiant and healthy skin with natural ingredients
    Protect your skin from acne and blackheads
    Removes oil and prevents dry skin
    Animal friendly and Dermatologically tested

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